We're collaborating with European governments and organizations to support relief efforts and keep people informed.

Working together is more important than ever.

The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced the importance of collaboration across borders and within our communities. We're proud to partner with all 27 European governments, the World Health Organization, the European Center for Disease Control and fact-checking organizations to support their relief efforts and ensure everyone has access to accurate information.


We are working with the public health community to support relief efforts and give people access to credible health information.

Supporting Health Relief Efforts

In Spain, The World Bank is using Facebook Disease Prevention Maps to forecast needs for COVID-19 testing and hospital beds.

Identifying At-Risk Communities

In France and Italy, epidemiologists are using Facebook Disease Prevention Maps to identify at-risk communities for COVID-19.

Anticipating the Spread of COVID-19

In the UK, France, and Germany, we are helping researchers use Facebook data and AI to anticipate the spread of COVID-19.

Coronavirus Information Center

Coronavirus Information Center

See how we're working with global health partners to help people find COVID-19 vaccine information.


Our platforms and tools are being used to provide support to European communities.

Answering Common COVID-19 Questions

The World Health Organization launched Health Alert on WhatsApp to debunk myths and provide information about preventing COVID-19 spread.

Tools to Find and Offer Help

The Coronavirus Information Center on Facebook includes a Community Help so people can request or offer help to neighbors.

Well-Being Tips and Resources

In the UK and France, the Coronavirus Information Center on Facebook includes well-being tips and resources to help people take care of their physical, emotional and mental health.


Our platforms are helping connect people with authoritative information and helpful resources.

Access to Accurate Information

We're partnering with third-party fact-checkers to combat COVID-19 misinformation across our apps and providing global health organizations with free ads.

Increasing Media Literacy

In partnership with European fact-checkers, we built a media literacy campaign to help millions spot COVID-19 misinformation.

Reducing COVID-19 Misinformation Spread

Facebook is collaborating with 35 European and UK fact-checking partners covering 26 languages to label and reduce the spread of COVID-19 misinformation

How vaccines are tested for safety

Supporting Public Health Experts’ Vaccine Efforts

Stay safe and informed with the latest information, provided in collaboration with local health authorities.