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Whether it’s business, community support, fundraising or research, the people of Europe are making it happen on our platforms.

More Business is happening on Facebook

Last year, when the world shut down, businesses moved online. Many increased their use of social media platforms to drive sales. By bringing commerce and people together, Facebook's apps and services helped support businesses across Europe to continue their growth.

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Attracting new customers

In Germany, online baby gear company, Mami Poppins, find that personalised Facebook ads drive up to half their revenue. Owner Ekaterina Arlt-Kalthoff uses our analytics tools to make sure Mami Poppins’ advertising is shown to people who would most benefit from their offering. Facebook also helps her reach those who’ve rented and bought from Mami Poppins before across Germany, Austria and Mallorca.

For many small businesses in Europe, Facebook’s platforms and services have been effective customer acquisition tools.
Deloitte’s Dynamic Markets report in 2021 that analysed an Ipsos survey showed that 68% of small businesses in the EU using personalised advertising said it was an effective way to find new customers.

Launching new businesses

Netherlands-based Kirsten van Harten moved Hart voor Wijn, her wine tasting business, online during lockdown and found new customers through Facebook and Instagram. “With the help of Facebook, I’ve been able to reach new customers,” says Kirsten. “It was essential to building my brand during the pandemic.” Our platforms often act as a launch pad for new companies. In the above report, Ipsos data also showed that 73% of small businesses surveyed in the EU used Facebook and Instagram to help them get started.

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Research is happening with Facebook

In 2017, Facebook launched the Data For Good programme to support nonprofits, universities and organisations across the globe working in areas ranging from disease prevention to climate change. Being able to access maps, datasets and tools helps these organisations gain a deeper understanding of topics like population density, conversation around climate change and, most recently, the spread of COVID-19.

Learn more about Facebook’s Data for Good programme and how the use of data helps to address some of the world's greatest social issues at

Supporting COVID-19 research in Europe

Throughout the past year our data maps and indexes have helped academics, policy makers and medical researchers understand vaccine uptake and the spread of new variants with rapid and impactful results.

In Germany, statistician Cornelius Fritz and his team at LMU München used de-identified Facebook mobility data to uncover how social interaction was impacting patterns of infection. This allowed them to forecast the number of COVID-19 cases on a local level, and to understand more broadly how everyday behaviours influenced the spread of the disease.

“We’re using mobility data to understand how mobility patterns and friendship ties affect the spread of COVID-19 at a local level,” says Cornelius. “To do this we used anonymised data from approximately 10 million Facebook users. We would have struggled to do our work without Facebook’s Data For Good programme.”

In a pan-European collaboration, researchers at Ecole Polytechnique in France and Athens University of Economics and Business in Greece developed a model to study the impact of population movement on the spread of COVID-19. To support their model, they used Facebook’s Disease Prevention Maps to look at human mobility via administrative regions. Focusing on four countries—Italy, Spain, France and England—the model forecasts the spread of the disease and therefore offers useful insights to policymakers on appropriate interventions and resource allocation.

You can download the reports and find out more about how Facebook is using data to help fight the pandemic on the Data for Good COVID-19 European research pages.