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We support small businesses, nonprofits and communities, helping them grow.

Collage of small businesses, nonprofits and communities

Connections on Meta make an impact

Our technologies help build important connections that can enable companies and organizations of all sizes to meet their goals.

Helping businesses find new customers

Millions of small businesses rely on Meta tools to reach people who love their products.

200+ million

companies, mainly small businesses, use our technologies to reach customers each month


of women-led small businesses in the US say Meta helped their company get off the ground*

Turning a tough year into the most profitable one

Frank, a New Jersey beeman, used Facebook ads to help double his sales and widen his customer base.

“I could no longer rely on in-person sales. Facebook helped me pivot and get creative finding new customers.” — Frank the beeman, founder

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Image of Elle Jae Essentials

Growing a business through connection

Elle Jae Essentials relies on Facebook and Instagram to connect directly with people who are interested in their natural skincare products, and to reach tens of thousands of others.

“When we started using Facebook and Instagram, our business took off.” — La’Asia, founder

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of Bennett Orchards’ conversations with customers happen on Messenger

Image of Bennett Orchards

Rallying customers quickly and effectively

Picking peaches is all about timing, and Delaware’s Bennett Orchards relies on Facebook to rally customers efficiently.

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Helping nonprofits find supporters

Every dollar counts, and 100% of donations made to charitable organizations on Facebook and Instagram go directly to charities.

1.5 million

nonprofits can use Meta tools to fundraise

$6 billion

raised across Facebook and Instagram since 2015

Providing millions of meals to families and first responders

Missouri’s Operation BBQ Relief quickly raised funds using Facebook and provided comfort food to disaster victims following hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

“We’ve been able to make a real difference for communities in need thanks to Facebook fundraisers.”

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in community growth for Chelsea's Charity using Facebook and Instagram

Image of Chelsea's Charity

Discovering new donors

Using Meta technologies, Chelsea’s Charity gained traction and support to help deliver art kits across her Connecticut community, surpassing their $1500 goal for Giving Tuesday with the help of Facebook fundraising.

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Our commitment

Learn more about how Meta is supporting small businesses, nonprofits and communities.

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Supporting small business
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Supporting nonprofits

* "Dynamics Market Study" by Deloitte (Facebook-commissioned analysis of an online survey of 30,500 SMB owners or senior managers across 18 countries conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs which included 5000 respondents in the United States), May 2021.