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Personalized ads (aka ‘targeted ads’) help small businesses grow by reaching customers that are more likely to be interested in their products or services.

Yes. Personalized ads help us connect you with businesses that are most relevant to your interests, without sharing who you are with the advertiser. Individual data that could identify you, like your name, posts, or contact information is never shared with businesses using personalized ads.

Visit your Ad Preferences and switch on your data sharing settings to ensure you keep seeing ads from relevant small businesses. You can also visit our Support Small Business Hub to learn even more ways to help. Additionally, educate yourself and others on why personalized ads are good for businesses and people.

Visit the updated Business Resource Hub on Meta or Professional Dashboard on Instagram for resources and support (mobile-app only, requires business account). For further information, visit our Personalized Ads page on Meta for Business.

In addition to helping small businesses' voices be heard, we’re investing $1 billion in direct support, tools, and resources to help small businesses stay open, including:

  • Waived fees for Checkout on Shops through June 30, 2021 and for paid online events through August 2021
  • New tools for restaurants to share the types of dining experiences they offer during the pandemic
  • Free digital skills training for over 1 million black-owned businesses and 1 million Latinx-owned businesses
  • Resources and networking opportunities for over 100 million people through our Meta Boost yearly programming.